Rod U-Cup Seal

The AR01 Series U-Cup seal also called IDI seal by NOK,  is one of Auter sealing’s most popular designs used in standard-duty applications. Its asymmetrical design ensures that the seal lip forces are optimized for every cross section and diameter. When used within a sealing system, the AR01 is a key component of Auter sealing’s Zero Leak Technology. Manufactured in a variety of materials and sizes from 6 mm up to 3000 mm in standard or custom diameters.


The AR01 Series rod seal features high-grade polyurethane. Standard materials are MP03 machined H-PU, available up to 2000 mm in diameter, and MP50 injection-molded TPU. To suit a variety of applications, the series is also available in NBR, H-NBR, EPDM and high temperature-resistant FPM.


High pressure capability and wide temperature range

Excellent fluid compatibility including water-based fluids (H-PU)

Exceptional abrasion resistance

Highly extrusion resistant

Available in diameters up to 3000mm

Typical applications include:

  • Mobile Hydraulics

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

  • Agricultural Hydraulics

  • Construction Equipment

  • Hydraulic Presses

  • Injection Molding Machines

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